Are You Playing Destiny Yet?

One of my friends, lijo, agreed to write an article for me on Destiny as he’s played it and I’m still gaming on a PS2 and an original Xbox (don’t hate!). So here it is…

destiny panorama wallpaper

What kind of a game is Destiny?

Destiny is an awesome new shooter game with great graphics and an interesting story line. It could be considered a mixture of [Skyrim] and [Halo], and it takes the best parts from each. It is a sci-fi themed shooter in which you battle futuristic aliens using a variety of weapons. There is also the multi-player format and it is equally fun. When compared to most MMORPGs, the game is pretty short but its makers, Bungie, seem to have a long term plan to add content slowly over a period of time. Quite similar to the way [Warcraft] works.

What do you do in the game?

Your basic role is to fight off aliens, goblins and monsters in a quest to finish various missions. The basic premise is the same as many other shooters like [Call of Duty] or [Halo]. You have a barrage of weapons to use and the graphics are really quite mind blowing. The frame rates, menus and general interface are very intuitive. The gameplay is also quite exhilarating and it only gets better with the weapons at your disposal. The rifles shoot barrages of bullets with a lot of power and using the fusion rifle can be a
real delight. The entire game play is adrenaline packed and you will be engrossed in it easily enough. The best combat feature though is definitely the melee action. This is because the controls on the game are very responsive and you will never have a problem with them. You can also leap and glide into the air, using this to your advantage when escaping foes. There are a variety of alien races to fight and tearing down the horde can be really quite enjoyable. The guns and weapons at your disposal make for an electrifying fight at all moments. At the same time, the aliens are also quite powerful and beating them is not too easy. They also use powerful weapons that are different from the ones the user has. In
multi player format too the game is quite fun and challenging.

Having said that, there is definitely a long way to go before Destiny can match up to the standards of other world-class MMORPGs. There is still a lack of depth in the game and more content is required.
Otherwise the game ends up being too short. The tasks start getting repetitive after sometime and there is dire need for more expansion packs, apart from the couple that have been released.

What have the expansion packs added to Destiny?

Bungie has released two expansion pack for Destiny so far. These are The Dark Below and House of Wolves. A third pack, The Taken King, is going to be released on September 15, 2015. The Dark Below is definitely the least impressive and it hardly adds any extra content. House of wolves, on the other hand, creates some great battles, set pieces and has an engaging arena mode. It lets players choose how they want to progress and makes the game more entertaining. The Taken King hasn’t been released yet but is expected to continue the storyline started by The Dark Below.

Destiny is continuously gaining popularity among gamers. In fact according to its developer, it has hit the 20 million player mark. The expansion packs and content additions are bound to make this game a brilliant MMORPG as it has already become one of the most played games in the world.

Which Path Will You Choose?

There’s a few playable races currently but aside from unique appearances, they do little to affect your gaming experience.  There are however 3 classes to choose from:  Warlock, Titan and Hunter.  Titans have the highest armor and defenses.  Warlocks use magic. Hunters attack with speed, accuracy and stealth.

Editors note: From what I have seen, the Hunter class seems to be the most popular class to play.  Now whether that is and will remain the OP class (overpowered) remains to be seen.  Online game developers are known to nerf…err I mean “balance” and improve.

What do you think?