Are You Watching Gotham Yet?

Over the last few years I’ve changed the way I watch television shows. Instead of watching on a weekly basis with commercial interruptions, I’ve begun leaning towards watching entire seasons on DVD and Netflix. The few exceptions this this rule would be Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead — and I have to watch those on a weekly basis because even if you live under a rock like I do, it is still hard to avoid spoilers for those shows.

I only heard about Gotham over the summer. I was definitely intrigued. I understood that this would be a show about Commissioner Gordon, before he became the commissioner. I knew it started with the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents and I knew that meant this wasn’t going to be a show about Batman. Still, I was geeked up. So far I’ve seen the first six episodes and 22 are planned for the season.

I must say I was pleased. The show might be based on characters from comic books, but it hasn’t been “ruined” with cheesiness like so many comic-based TV shows have been before. Don’t get me wrong, I consider myself a Birds of Prey fan. But that show could have been done in a different tone and the quality would have been much better. The last season of Arrow really disappointed me (and since it had Crixus I wanted to love it). I’m hoping the Flash will be a step up but I am not sure the CW is capable or even wants to be.

Part of the reason I think this show has maintained a serious tone and avoided most of the cheesiness is because it is on Fox. Of course Fox isn’t the network I think of when I think of comics or any other awesome type of show. These are the guys that killed Firefly after all. As long as they don’t start moving the show around constantly though, there is hope.

So far Bruce Wayne and Alfred have been in a few episodes and I have really enjoyed their story. We’ve also seen a little bit of Catwoman, or rather her young alter ego, Selena. We’ve also seen a young Poion Ivy, the Riddler and Penguin. So what about Harley Quinn, the Joker and Bane? Well don’t expect them in this season. Those behind the show say they do expect Harley Quinn and the Joker to show up at some point.

As Bruce is just a young boy, we must assume Robin has not even been conceived yet. Expect his parents to make an appearance though!

What do you think?