Batman vs Darth Vader ?!

I’ve heard many Batman vs. Someone else questions asked over the years.  I don’t think I’d ever seen someone ask about Batman versus Darth Vader until today.  Now I know some of you might be thinking, “how would it even be possible since Darth Vader is from a galaxy far away and he lived and died a long time ago?”  Perhaps the only way to travel faster than light (a must to reach another galaxy in a human lifetime) would be to enter some sort of time-traveling wormhole.  Then there is always magic, which does exist in the DC Universe.

So anyway, here’s a pretty good quality piece of fan fiction.  There is an actual story.  Darth Vader enlists Boba Fett to help capture Superman, who will be used in a trade deal with Darkseid.  Boba uses a kryptonite powered lightsaber. Now Batman has to free Superman.  I was entertained:

In addition this this mashup, these guys have some other fights including TMNT’s Casey Jones vs Kick-ass, Power Ranger’s Green Ranger vs Street Fighter’s Ryu and even Captain America vs. Master Chief from Halo!

What do you think?