Burner Cell Phones in TV and Movies

Something that has always irked me about when the good guys or bad guys use disposable phones in movies. The one that currently caught my attention was the cellphone used in season one of “[Arrow].” Detective Lance receives a phone from a courier and upon opening the package the phone conveniently rings. He answers the phone in the middle of the police precinct and of course he’s got great reception. Those things don’t irk me. What does irk me though is that the Hood didn’t include a phone charger. A few episodes later the phone has been taken to a lab for analyzing and after that his daughter acquires the phone…that’s some battery!

The Arrow isn’t the only series to have this scenario. There’s a number of them. My favorite are the shows where the owners of the disposable phones aren’t billionaires and yet are able to always have smart phones that they can throw away left and right.

As far as [Arrow the series] goes, I’ve seen the first eleven episodes and I’m enjoying it. Some of my friends hyped the show a bit more than I think it deserves but I’m entertained while watching every episode. I am glad to see Paul Blackthorne on the show. I was first introduced to him through the Dresden Files, a failed TV series based on the popular [Jim Butcher novels]. 2021 Editor’s Note:  [Dresden Files is currently streaming free on Amazon Prime Video]

What do you think?