Note: I actually wrote this months ago but had neglected to post it.  Also, my original confession is here

So in my last confession, I linked a picture of my character’s max wealth achieved:

Munianci 43.8 Million Credits

I also stated I wasn’t happy about this number. Why? Because the money is just sitting there. What good is it having 43 million credits (as of this article I’m back under 10 million with full cargo bays on multiple characters). The best thing about being a reseller is that I can be lazy. I can stand around in game scrolling through listings for sweet deals and then snatching them up and repricing them. I see friends talking about earning 500k in a day doing daily quests. On a good buy I can snag an item for 2 million credits and sell it for 3 million and double their earnings in a fraction of the time. Mind you, this may sound like bragging and I may appear to believe I’m better than those out working hard. I don’t. The thing is resellers need people out there earning credits and having fun. We can’t sell things to players without money and if players are not having fun doing the daily grind then my fun as a reseller will diminish as well.

In Allods, I used to join some friends on some daily grinds. Some of them were actually fun like the group ship PvP (if SWTOR could do something similar that would be amazing but unlikely). If it wasn’t for the social aspect though I would not have enjoyed it nearly as much.

I don’t find shame to being a reseller though sometimes there is resentment by the misinformed. I’ve known a number of resellers that would only sell on alts or even secret characters (at least they tried to keep them a secret). Why? Because of the constant contact from the server community. Nearly every day, if not every hour, someone sends you a whisper hoping to get a better price on something you have for sale. In my own experience, half of those were people offering trades with bags of junk.

EverQuest was great because you could type /afk and this would indicate your character was afk and you could leave a message. Handy if you had to cook and were waiting for a friend to contact you. Even better if you were a reseller. I used to leave messages like /afk NO TRADES! and sometimes I’d even raid or party with that message because everyone wanted to save a few coins. I haven’t played a game with a custom AFK message since. I do recall that sometimes my afk messages were a bit immature. I’d say “no trades!” and then include something like “no one wants your bag of junk items.” But hey, I was 20 when I began my love affair with EverQuest. I do recall one guy had sent a whisper to me linking 5 or 6 items that were indeed crap hoping I’d trade for something rare I had. Then when he got the AFK reply he sent more angry messages…no joke there was a half dozen telling me how rude I was and such. He had a point. It’s never good to burn bridges no matter how unlikely the future need for them might be. That is a good rule in game as well as in real life.

Today, I’ve found a more polite way to get out of trade offers. I usually say something along the lines of, “I shy away from trades as the items I buy and resell are items I’ve researched while other items I lack the confidence that others might have in their values.” Which in my mind is still saying, “I’ve got a Rolex watch and you want to trade me a pack of gum and some empty soda cans–no thank you!” But I like to think I don’t seem as arrogant when I phrase it the way I do.

I had heard Wildstar’s Auction House system had a unique concept. If 50 people were selling a “space gun of awesomeness” only the cheapest one would be visible in the search. That might make reselling a bit harder for some but for the hardcores with good memories or a notepad, we can live with that. I played Wildstar when it first came out but only for 20 minutes so I never made it to their auction house.

What do you think?