Did You Send Hate Mail to Melisandre?

I was watching the Game of Thrones panel from the 2015 San Diego Comic Con and in it, Carice Van Houten mentions receiving a lot of hateful messages from fans of the show.  For some reason this was a surprise to me.  For one, I thought the intelligence of the watchers of Game of Thrones would be higher than the type of people who inspired Nurse Betty.  Maybe I have misunderstood and the fans are not actually hating on Carice but are just expressing hatred for the character.

melisandre game of thrones

Even though Melisandre has not been an angel on the show, she is actually one of my favorite characters.  I’m also enamored seeing Carice on screen.  I think she plays the role really well.  As for the character, I was really interested in her development in season 5.  She managed to convince Stannis to do something that I had hoped he would not do.  I also found it interesting that in the world, the gods seem to be real and somewhat involved in the lives of mortals.  So when Melisandre’s prediction didn’t come true, I was intrigued and I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens to her character in this coming season.

So yeah, I don’t hate the Melisandre character.  I was patiently waiting for Joffrey to die and I’m waiting for the Boltons to bite it as well.  But even for those characters, I don’t have any ill feelings toward the actors.  The fact that we are able to feel things for these characters, even if it is disdain, is a sign that the actors and writers have talent.

So what about you?  Is there an actor you really don’t like because of a character they played?

What do you think?