Fear the Walking Dead

I just binge watched season one of Fear the Walking Dead.  Not a difficult challenge considering there was only 6 episodes.  I liked it.  If you haven’t seen the show yet then skip this article because there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

I was reading an article after the first episode aired and the guy had a lot of complaints.  After finally watching the series now, I feel like maybe he complained purely for the sake of writing an article bitching about the show.

Some criticism was that Travis’s son seemed ungrateful and had a bad attitude.  Oh really, an ungrateful teenager with a bad attitude huh?  That’s cliche sure, but it’s not unrealistic. I really wish I had saved a link to that original article with these silly complaints as I’d love to be able to share more.

There was also some complaint that after Travis and Madison explore the church and find blood, that they don’t call the police.  Well, if I stumbled onto a scene like that too then I might call the police sure.  Well… unless I had a kid with a heroin addiction and I might want to keep him from being implacated.  Perhaps I did call and the cops said, “oh that drug den, yeah we’ll get on that a week from next never.”  Maybe that is a deleted scene.

There were things I did find hard to swallow.  After seeing a crazy neighbor attacking another one of your neighbors, you decide the family should play Monopoly.  Really?  I’d be turning table legs into clubs and sharpening knives.  Even if you aren’t aware of the concepts of zombies and a dystopian future, you would still want to be ready to defend yourself if your neighbors started going crazy, wouldn’t you?

The other tough pill to swallow was the way the military rounded up the people and then would routinely take them away in the night by force.  This doesn’t seem like a new concept for the way we portray our government and considering both American and human history, this does not seem too improbable.  But typically in the past, humans have rounded up other humans that were distinctive from themselves in some way.  For instance, Jewish concentration camps or the Japanese internment camps during WW2.  In those situations there was a “them vs. us” theme to it.  However, in Fear the Walking Dead you’ve got American soldiers detaining/protecting other Americans.  Multiple races/religions/creeds are on both sides.  One would also assume that those soldier’s families are in similar containment areas around the country as well.  With that in mind, I find it hard to believe that they would be so compliant with things.

Now complaints aside, I did say I liked the show.  I especially liked seeing the military.  Rick saw a helicopter in Atlanta.  The Governor killed that one chopper survivor later on which seems to suggest that there is a government and military somewhere.  So if we don’t run into them on TWD, perhaps the FTWD cast will have more interactions with them.

What do you think?