Final Fantasy VI Anime Video

There is no way to undersell my love of Final Fantasy VI. Though it was introduced to me as Final Fantasy III for the Super Nintendo. I loved that game so much and to this day it is probably my favorite console game ever. Don’t get me wrong I thought FFI and FFIV were great games too but FF6 just really got to me. I thought the story was great. Not just the main plots but all of the optional side quests/stories. I have old notebooks somewhere with FF6 tips including multiple pages of things you could gamble in the Colosseum and the rewards you’d get for winning the fight with each wager. I still remember that 6-10-50 is used to set the clock in Zozo and in doing so you’re able to get Edgar’s chainsaw. On one of my many play throughs of the game I named my Celes “Maria” so that during the classic Opera scene when they suggest having Celes take Maria’s place I got to see them say, “well have Maria take Maria’s place.” Good times.

I even forked out $40 for the official soundtrack. I’m not a big fan fiction writer but a couple of years later I wrote a Final Fantasy fan fiction starring Mog and the Moogles from this game. This was also around the time I was on AOL and before I started using “scithe” I was Moogleman7(and MoogIeman7 and after an imposter came along, TheRealmm7). Ok enough rambling… (but I love this game). I’m pretty sure this is a fan made video but even so I thought it was pretty cool. At just 2 minutes and 32 seconds long it gives you a peek at a bunch of characters.

I can’t believe I haven’t seen this video until now (it was uploaded in 2012).

I also found another anime video inspired by Ouran High School Host Club:

and a live action fan movie trailer for a movie about Terra also featuring Locke and Edgar which looked pretty cool.

Now because I loved this game so much I fear that I might be accused of being a FF6 fan boy.  You’d be spot on.  In 1994, the graphics on this thing were actually pretty amazing.  Watching those sprites jump off that cliff into the waterfall gave me goosebumps.

Of course those goosebumps came back many times in FF7 for instance when the Sister Ray gets fired at one of the Weapons…

There were more instances too.  When the president of Shinra is in his office and the Sector 7 Slums are destroyed and he’s just listening to music.  When Aeris… and the materia falls.  I probably would have cried had it not been for my mom bringing my dinner to me and taking me out of that moment.

Got goosebumps again right at the beginning of FF8–couldn’t even survive the intro without feeling the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!

Eight had some really cool summons as well.  Oh man the first time Ifrit ever burst out of the ground and then pounds a molten boulder onto my enemy?  Those summons got better and better each time!

I got more goosebumps in IX (though not as much but that game was still cool) and again in 10 seeing the Blitzball match in the stadium, Yuna walking on water (OMFG), Yuna jumping off a balcony, etc.  Though I admit the spoken dialog in FFX was terribad.  I actually haven’t finished any FF games after that.  Some day I’ll play 12 and 13 and probably get more goosebumps.

But it wasn’t just the super cool 16-bit graphics.  FF6 had a great story.  I was hooked right away.  Unlike 7, where I’m still wondering how Sephiroth was ever able to clone-mind-control Cloud if Cloud wasn’t a clone, 6 was pretty consistent.  One of my favorite quotes comes from FF6 and even after 20 years when someone says, “wait!” I reply, “wait he says, do I look like a waiter?

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