Game of Thrones: The Mountain and the Viper

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Don’t read any of this if you haven’t seen “The Mountain and the Viper” yet.

So I watched last Sunday’s episode of [Game of Thrones] and oh boy! I definitely enjoyed the episode. There’s not a lot of things on TV or in the movies that I have watched that have left an impact on me beyond a few hours. However, even after 3 days I am still thinking about that episode.

I found a video on Youtube where a fan took it upon himself to re-edit the climax of the episode. It is funny and I understand where the guy is coming from creating it. I saw this video 2 days ago and it only have 1.4 million views at the time. Now it has over 4.5 million. That’s pocket change compared to Gangnam style, I know but for a T.V. show edit, that seemed like a lot to me.

I don’t usually like to discuss shows that are in their current season as I hate to be the one to ruin anything for someone. I consider myself a pretty clever individual and even a hint of what might happen in an episode is enough for me to guess pretty close to what will happen.

In this case I saw a picture on my facebook wall where someone was applauding Pedro Pascal for his role as Oberyn Martel. To me, that was a “good-bye dead guy.” Add that to the fact that Tyrion had a trial by combat already where the fast guy beats the big, armored guy and I knew even before I saw the facebook picture that Oberyn was probably going to be killed.

So I gotta say that during the fight, when he actually stabs Gregor in the torso, I was surprised. Then he starts the interrogation and I knew that was it, he’d lose. Sure enough I was right. What a way to go! Sure it looked fake but wow was it graphic.

It will be interesting to see how Tyrion gets out of his death sentence. I could be wrong but I feel like he won’t be dying this season. We shall see. I must say, I find most seasons of [Game of Thrones] to be a bit slow. This season has kept me very interested.

One more link and this one is fun! The satirical website The Onion has an article written by George R. R. Martin that I thought was amusing though it’s from last year. [Check it out!]

What do you think?