Gamer Sex Lives Humorously Revealed By Video Game Titles

Video Games That Describe Your Sex Life -- Mr Nutz SNES

Recently a group of gamers were asked to “Describe your sex life with a video game title.”

There are definitely a lot more titles with suggestive innuendo than I had realized.  Though I suppose a really creative mind could turn any game title into something naughty.  Here are some of the ones that made me smile.   I have a number list but they are not in any particular order…

  1. F-Zero — Wow, no need to even sound that out for us.
  2. Until Dawn — You lucky bastards!
  3. Super Smash Bros — sounds painful!
  4. A Boy and His Blob — aww!
  5. Shadow of the Colossus — “We are moved to tears by the size of the thing”
  6. Uncharted — You might feel like a Dungeon Keeper but it will happen one day! I just hope its not an Ogre Battle.
  7. Five Nights at Freddy’s — I’m biased though because I sell licensed FNAF merch!
  8. Command & Conquer — 50 Shades of RTS?
  9. Leisure Suit Larry — Of Course!  Lucky devil!
  10. Modern Warfare — Ouch! The Force Unleashed and Brutal Legend fit right in.
  11. Final Fantasy — These games are like a Pandora’s box of innuendos!

  12. Need for Speed — I guess all I can say is Ganbare Goemon! (ganbare=go for it, kick some ass, do your best, give it your all, etc.)
  13. Left 4 Dead — You definitely need to hydrate in between sessions!
  14. Tomb Raider — Pitfall and Rust fit in with this one.
  15. Earthworm Jim — Do the Angry Birds get Jim?
  16. Crash Bandicoot — “Bandicoot” just sounds naughty.
  17. Alone in the Dark — This one was really popular! Out of 1,000+ suggestions this one was at least 50 of them.

I went with…

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? It makes me feel better that another gamer, Orlando, also suggested this one!

I didn’t see Silent Service, Bubble Bobble, Bart vs. the Space Mutants, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Oddworld, Spider Solitaire.  No offense to the furries out there but I was glad not to see Chocobo’s Mysterious Dungeon!

Is there a really good one you think I overlooked?  Feel free to comment and share!

What do you think?