Get Your Own Electronic Chewbacca Mask Like The One On Youtube

If you haven’t already seen Candace Payne’s video it is amusing and worth a watch.  She buys a mask from Kohls and it’s a Chewbacca mask.  But it makes Wookiee sounds as your mouth moves.  It’s totally cool and Candace is cracking up.  The video is going viral so you’ll probably see more about this video.  You can check it below:

So now the obvious questions is, “Where can I get one?”  Kohls is showing them as out of stock.  Amazon currently has them available but their main listing is currently priced at $189.95 and higher.  But luckily you’re buddy is here to save you some cash.   Often, the same item is available in multiple listings on Amazon and there’s another listing here and it’s definitely more affordable.  You can also find them on eBay where they [currently under $80].  Usually I try to get you guys to buy my own stuff so I want to point out that I’m not selling these masks and I can’t vouch for the product but watching that video makes me want to have one too.

The Chewbacca Electronic Mask is from the Star Wars Force Awakens merchandise line and is made by Hasbro.  It uses 2 AAA batteries and it seems there are some “demo batteries” included.  Which I think is just a safe way of saying they might not be fully charged as they are already installed. Special thanks to my pal Simi for bringing this to my attention!


05/25/16 UPDATE! An unnamed Wookiee has acquired a Candace Payne mask and has made his own video. At least I think he’s a he. If you have facebook you can check it out here.

Chewbacca Mom also got to hang out with James Corden and JJ Abrams!

But wait there’s more! After the video received 135 million views, some people from Kohl’s showed up to visit Candace and her kids and they brought gifts!

What do you think?