Harley Quinn From the Injustice Comics

Here’s a few panels from the Injustice: Gods Among us comics.  They are actually based on the [video game] of the same name.  The first 3 comics are Harley and the Black Canary while the last features Harley and the Flash.  Click the pictures to see the full size image.






The plot of the comics involves Superman taking over the world (with the Joker’s help) and creating a one world government.  Batman and a number of heroes become insurgents and the Greek gods also become involved in the fighting.

The comics have been collected into trade paperback editions with 6 comics each.  Amazon has them available here: [Injustice on Amazon].  Alternatively, you can find lots of the original comics on eBay though the [Injustice lots] are more expensive than the trade paperbacks.


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