An Innocent Request from a Kylo Ren Cosplayer and the Magic That Followed

I’m part of an online group for Star Wars Celebration 2017, which happened last month in Orlando, Florida.  Even though the convention is over, there’s still a bunch of us there sharing photos and such.  One such member, Makenzie, asked the internet for a favor.  She had a picture of herself in a kick ass Kylo Ren cosplay and let me share her exact words:

“Is anyone here good at photoshop? Because I’d love to have an awesome background in this photo.”

There’s been a number of famous requests over the years and the denizens of the internet love to have fun with such requests.  James Fridman has over 1 million followers enjoying his photoshop edits.  But back to our Kylo Ren cosplayer.  Here is the photo she submitted:Makenzie Asks the Internet For Some Photoshop Assistance and Oops!

One of the Star Wars fans suggested leaving the kitchen and creating a cooking show called, “Kooking with Kylo in Kylo’s Kitchen” where he ruins the recipes and then has a trantrum throwing food and small appliances.  But then the photoshoppers came along…

Kylo Ren Snow Cosplay Kylo Ren Skiing Kylo Ren at Disney Kylo Ren just chillin' Kylo Ren on Star Trek Kylo Ren and the Creeps Kylo Ren in a ball pit Kylo Ren Lion King Kylo Ren and Stimpy Kylo Ren Leaning Tower of Pisa Kylo Ren is a park of Nickelback

Forget Where’s Waldo, where is Kylo?Forget Waldo, Where's Kylo Ren?

Kylo Ren Multipass.Kylo Ren Fifth Element Multipass Kylo Ren in Original Trilogy

Makenzie was a good sport though and even provided a second picture for the artists to play with:

which became:

Kylo Ren Wheel of Fortune

I hope you enjoyed the edits!  If you’re a Kylo Ren fan as well as a big Star Wars fan you should check out our online store where we have a lot of cool Star Wars apparel and accessories that you probably didn’t need but now that you’ve seen them you won’t be able to live without them!


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