It’s Real! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Delivery

Sometimes stories just write themselves and this one is great!  Apparently there’s a real business using the Ninja Turtles as their theme.  So if you love pizza half as much as I do then you’re probably wondering WHERE?  Well unfortunately, the place is located in Russia.  Here’s some photos I’ve found from their website:

Think I’m kidding?  Their website is here and they’ve got 791 Twitter followers.  Now sadly, I don’t speak Russian so I don’t know what any of these are saying.  I just found it amusing.  I didn’t see any trademark disclaimers on their website so I doubt Nintendo/Viacom/Mirage approves the use but it is in Russia so I doubt they care too terribly.tmntrussian4tmntrussian2 tmntrussian5 tmntrussian6 tmntrussian7 tmntrussianpizzabootlegges

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What do you think?