Merlin Wrapped Up at the End of Season 5

If you haven’t started watching Merlin yet, go queue it in your Netflix queue now!  It’s a fun show and I found it to be pretty entertaining.  Just beware that the story is far from “Le Morte D’arthur.” How far? Well the story takes place with Merlin as a young man just learning about his powers. Instead of being Arthur’s mentor, he’s his man-servant. This is of course in Camelot, a land where magic has been outlawed so Merlin must frequently use his powers at the risk of his own life if word got out that he was a wizard.


Katie McGrath as Morgana was the best part of the series.  The show did not have a huge budget.  Battles didn’t involve thousands of camelot knights, only dozens.  However, for a BBC show what they were able to do with the special effects wasn’t too bad.  There were no zippers visible on the dragons and the magic was also pretty cool.

Season 5 just finished on December 24.  So expect it to be available on DVD and Netflix soon.  I don’t want to spoil the ending but I will say that I was mostly satisfied with the ending.

What do you think?