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Sorry for the cheesy clickbait title.  I wasn’t clever enough to come up with something better.  Anyway, Do you love Jaws?  Me too.  I signed up for HBO Max last month and saw it was on there.  I probably should have saved it for the 4th of July weekend but I figure Memorial Day weekend is good enough for some shark movies.

Did you know that an hour and 36 minutes into the movie, a shooting star is visible in the sky.  It shoots from the right of the screen to the left side of the screen.  This is not a special effect.  It was an unexpected, real shooting star captured on film.  I hadn’t noticed that until this rewatch of the film.

My wife asked me if the film studio knew Jaws was going to be a big hit or if it was a surprise breakout movie.  I wasn’t sure either.  So I did some research (thanks Google!).  Jaws had a budget of 9 million dollars USD.  That sounds pretty small now but that was in 1975.  Two years later, Star Wars a New Hope was released and that was on a budget of 11 million dollars USD.   Universal Pictures released Jaws to 450 theaters over the summer and at the time, that was an uncommonly wide release.

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I also watched Jaws 2.  Since that was available on HBO Max as well.  Why don’t I own the blurays?  I really should.  I see Amazon sells [Jaws by itself] and there’s also a [set with movies 2-4].  But not actually an official complete set.

There’s definitely some classic quotable lines in these movies.  My favorite phrase to say is “It’s just blue fish!”  However, I like to use that randomly away from the ocean or where any fish are around.

Anyone: “Hey, those boxes of Cheerios are buy one get one free!”

Me:  “It’s just blue fish.”

Soooooo… I just said I like to quote Jaws 2 at unexpected times, I never said it was funny when I did.

I knew there was a Jaws Novel but I wasn’t aware there were coloring books.  I see there’s [three] [different] [ones] on Amazon.  At $8 for 60 pages, that doesn’t seem too bad.

Back to the novel though, I am thinking it is worth a read.  In my experience, books are usually better than the movie, so why not?  I see [this edition] promises “This edition of Jaws contains bonus content from Peter Benchley’s archives, including the original typed title page, a brainstorming list of possible titles, a letter from Benchley to producer David Brown with honest feedback on the movie adaptation, and excerpts from Benchley’s book Shark Trouble highlighting his firsthand account of writing Jaws, selling it to Universal Studios, and working with Steven Spielberg.

I do enjoy learning about behind the scenes things like that.  The [Wikipedia article] on Jaws the Movie mentions that Benchley wrote three drafts of the initial screenplay before it was turned over to different writers and just from his own drafts, he felt his voice was gone from the writing.  Which I think makes sense since screenplays are written differently from novels.  It is also cool to know the author is interested in ocean conservation.

I feel like this article didn’t have enough photos so I’m going to add a picture I took of my friend Nicole getting eaten by a shark outside of a miniature golf course in Panama City Beach, Florida.



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