New Suicide Squad Trailer Finally Arrives! Feel Free to Nerd Out!

Ok, I’m still not as psyched for this as I am for Warcraft but I’m definitely more excited to see Suicide Squad than I am Batman Vs. Superman.

So I really haven’t done too much digging on the details of this movie but I have noticed one thing:  the Joker isn’t shown with the Suicide Squad at all.  In this new trailer you do see him in two really short scenes with Harley Quinn.  That’s making me think perhaps the Joker is the movie’s antagonist and perhaps who the Suicide Squad is after.  The interactions we see with Harley Quinn are after he gets his hands on her.

The Enchantress character looks pretty cool.  I’m very curious to learn more about her.  DC Comics always took a back seat to my Marvel collection back when I was a heavy collector.  Because of that, my DC knowledge isn’t very deep.

Also, if you missed the first trailer, you can find that here: Nerd Imports Leaked Suicide Squad Trailer

What do you think?