Pokemon Go: 10 Funny Photos #1

So there’s tons of stuff being shared about Pokemon and there has been no shortage of funny photos.  Here’s a few of my favorites.

Pokemon Go Funny Photo 1

After two weeks and 200 Pokemon caught, I have yet to see a Pikachu anywhere.

Pokemon Go Funny Photo 2

Oh man, they weren’t kidding when they said there were Rattata and Pidgey EVERYWHERE!  I catch them anyway and turn them into trade them for candy and evolve those guys for an easy 1,000 exp (2,000 with an egg up).


Pokemon Go Funny Photo 3

I hear there’s a lot of rivalry among the teams online.  Luckily, I haven’t experienced it in public yet.


Pokemon Go Funny Photo 4

I love Dave Chappelle and I like to imagine wherever he is, he is probably playing Pokemon Go too!


Pokemon Go Funny Photo 5

I wonder how long it took to get that pose just right?


Pokemon Go Funny Photo 6 Pokemon Go Funny Photo 7

Well consider, in 1996 it was “Don’t meet strangers off the internet.”  Now in 2016 you’ve got “Summon strangers from the internet and have them drive you around” and “Go out and socialize with strangers playing Pokemon Go!”  It has been an interesting 20 years and I can’t wait to see what gaming looks like in 2036!


Pokemon Go Funny Photo 8

Yeah, Pokemon Go is going to help us all lose weight!  Except I’ve “walked” 10km already without leaving my vehicle and I tend to find the Pokestops at burger places and ice cream shops.


Pokemon Go Funny Photo 9

Luckily, I don’t see a lot of anti-Pokemon Go stuff.  The stuff I have seen has actually been pretty humorous and I will probably share some of the funny ones soon.

Pokemon Go Funny Photo 10

I understand a bit how the other side feels.  If you aren’t playing and a bunch of your friends are, then you are likely seeing lots of posts on your social media pages about a game you don’t care about.  But if you’re that guy that is hating the game just to hate it, you are missing out.  If deep down, you want to play it or are at least curious yet you are resisting because you refuse to follow the bandwagon, then you are depriving yourself of something possibly really enjoyable to you.  The funny thing is with 30 million downloads (just in the USA, Australia and NZ) that’s not even 10% of the population so it seems like the Pokemon Go people are the ones embracing fun and doing it without concern to what the majority are doing.  Ok, sorry if that was too much preaching on a funny photos post.

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What do you think?