Star Wars in Japan: You’re Doing it Right

sapporo star wars

There are no words in Entish, Elvish or the tongues of Men to describe how “cool” and nerdy this is. So I’ll use a picture:
moved to tears by the size of the thing


Ok all I can really say is, “I want to go to there.”  Where is there?  The 66th annual Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido, Japan!  Why don’t we have things like this in Florida? hmm I guess because there’s no snow in Florida.  Thanks Obama!

star wars snow sculpture

So who build it?  The snow sculpture, Star Wars, is made by the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force: the 11th Brigade; the 1st Snow Sculpture Producing Unit, the 11th Artillery Unit, the 11th Reconnaissance Company, and the 11th Antiaircraft Artillery Company.

star wars snow scultpure at night

Best of all this was Disney and Lucasfilm approved.

star wars ice sculpture death star

It took the 11th Brigade a month to build the 50-foot-high ice sculpture.   Here’s  few more pics and then some shameless advertising of Star Wars merch for sale in our eBay store…

Snow Star WarsI had considered cropping out the people but when you look at the full size image, the people help convey the massive size of this thing!


Star Wars Snow at Night Here’s another night show and below is an overhead view of where the ice sculpture actually was located.  This is just another reason I can’t wait until I’m able to visit Japan.

Sapporo Snow Festival Star Wars
The 66th Sapporo Snow Festival venue at Odori Park is lightened up in Sapporo, northern Japan, February 5, 2015. (EPA/KIMIMASA MAYAMA)

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