Star Wars The Old Republic Part 3: Companions to My Addiction


In my last post I complained that Vette, my Sith warrior’s companion, was often losing affection at the choices I was making during quest storylines. I noticed though that early on I was given an item that would increase my companion’s affection(Xiaolongnu’s Khem Val never got one…odd). So I began to wonder about more items like this. Checking the global trade network was no help. There was no specific category for affection items, at least not obvious to me.

So I went over to Google and began my search. Sure enough I found a couple of wiki sites with a variety of information about Vette including which types of items she likes best and which ones are least appreciated. According to the one wiki, had I made a male warrior, he might have found romance in the arms of my companion! That was something I definitely wasn’t expecting. Unfortunately for my warrior, the game doesn’t have a lesbian relationship possibility among the characters.

With the newly found list of Vette’s likes and dislikes I grabbed a fist full of credits and hit the global trade network. I snagged a few items with prices that seemed fair. This was just what I needed. I figured the faster I hit 10,000 affection the better. Vette’s affection towards Munianci is now over 5,000. Along the way I learned that there is a vendor that sells affection items on the Imperial Fleet in the Global Market area. Those Underworld Rumor lists were always appreciated by Vette. Also, as you level her affection, she often states that you and she should talk some time. It turns out you have to find a cantina and then Vette will talk to you. These talks can increase your affection further as she tells you some of her back story. I’ve gotten interaction with her like this about every 1,000 affection. I have stopped at 5,000 because I believe that part of the requirements for Vette’s backstory is progress through your character’s own story. When I leave Dromund Kaas, I will use a few more items to progress to the next back story.

Oh something else I didn’t learn right away! Companions use gear and weapons! In most of the games I’ve played, companions (or pets) always had standard issued equipment hardcoded with no real way to change things. Not in SWTOR! Upgrading your companion’s gear frequently will improve them significantly. While we’re at it, you too can upgrade your own wardrobe with some Star Wars Swag from our Online Store!

What do you think?