Star Wars the Old Republic Part 5: Color Crystals

Color Crystals

If you weren’t aware, there are weapons and armor in the game that can be modified. For a guide on modifying your equipment [CLICK HERE](about halfway down the page of that link). One of the more fun and useful modifications in SWTOR is the color crystal. Color crystals come with their own lore. They say that red is the preferred choice of the Sith and blue and green are the most common colors for the Jedi. Those that prefer a good blaster to ancient weapons and hokey religions will also enjoy color crystals as they affect the color of your weapon fire in game. The number of color crystals available in SWTOR is exceptional. You can [CLICK HERE] for a site that shows you what a lot of the colors will look like.

Aside from looking awesome, crystals have stats! Now there’s four types of crystals that give different stat boosts:

  • Indestructible– these crystals boost your endurance. 1 endurance boosts your HP by 10.
  • Eviscerating– these crystals boost your critical chance.
  • Hawkeye– these crystals boost your power which adds to your damage.
  • War Hero– these crystals boost your expertise(using these in a war zone before level 55 will most likely hurt more than help you because of the bolster).

Ok now that we’ve got the basics explained, it’s time to get into the useful stuff. There are some very strong color crystals that only require the character to be level 10 to use. They will give +41 endurance, crit, power or expertise depending on the type(see above for the 4 main types). So how do you get these crystals? The best way to get one is to search on the Galactic Trade Network. When you reach a GTN terminal the crystals will be under Item Modifications>Color Crystals. Narrow your search from level 10 to level 10. This will weed out the weaker crystals (the level 10 crystals are as powerful as the level 50 end game crystals).

SWTOR Cartel Packs

So where do these crystals come from? The cartel market. Different packs have a chance to drop certain color crystals. All with a level 10 requirement and level 50 crystal stats. I’m not a fan of opening packs myself, which is why I recommend just buying the crystals on the GTN. Certain colors have become very rare as the packs that had a chance to give those colors are no longer sold.

Pro Tip: Once you have used one of the level 10 crystals, they are added to your collections. This means that you can make multiple copies of the crystal at no charge. So if you have 2 weapons, put a crystal in each. Shields, generators and your focus can also use a crystal if the equipment has modifiable slots.  Don’t forget your companions can use the crystals too.   To access your collections, open your inventory and there is a collections button on the bottom left.  Scroll far down to get to the crystals section.  Copies are free for the character that used the original crystal.  However, you will need to pay to unlock the crystal on the rest of your characters.

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