SWTOR Adds 12 vs 12 Space Combat with New Expansion

So I just watched a trailer for the new Star Wars The Old Republic expansion.  Check it out here: http://www.swtor.com/galactic-starfighter.  I’m a little bit confused as the most recent patch to the game changed the ranked pvp from 8v8 maps to some new 4v4 maps.  It made me fear the game was shrinking and maybe 8v8 was too much to sustain in the coming year.  However, this new expansion is planning to have 12v12 space combat.

Looking at the video, it seems as though we won’t be using our regular ships for combat, we’ll be using smaller fighter ships.  I’m a little disappointed, as I like my current ship and I don’t want to have to equip two different ships.  We’ll see how it plays out though.

After 3 months of playing SWTOR, I’m still enjoying the game.

What do you think?