There’s Just Not Enough of “The Walking Dead” on Television

I have really been enjoying this show. I knew it was based on a comic book as quite a few movies and shows have been. I don’t care to track down the original books though for most of them. The Walking Dead is the exception. I knew that Skybound had over 100 issues published as I sell a t-shirt for #100(click while supplies last). I stopped collecting comic books back in 1996 (well at least on a monthly basis, I still buy a few Manial Smile comics once a year or so). Trying to go out and snag all of those TWD issues wouldn’t be easy. ¬†There’s bound to be some expensive ones. eBay is often the bargain hunter’s paradise for comics though with a series that has a hit TV show, the price on those are not super cheap.

The Walking Dead is so popular that they’ve reprinted the original comics in trade paperbacks, 18 of them so far. ¬†Each covers 6 issues (so #1-108 of the comic). ¬†There are also four Omnibus books that compile the stories. ¬†Each of these has 24 comics. So they will cover issues #1-96. ¬†There are also two new books which are The Walking Dead Compendium One and Two. ¬†Each of those covers 48 issues. ¬†Of the four ways to get my fix, I opted for the trade paperbacks. Lots on eBay were going for about half of the $15 cover price. I think I paid about $150 for all of them. ¬†These were cheaper than the cost of the four omnibus books($200-300). ¬†I was not aware of the two Compendiums at the time. ¬†From what I can see on eBay and Skybound’s website. ¬†Both of those would be available for $100 ($50 each on or a little less on eBay). ¬†Still, I am happy having the TPB lot. ¬†They are quick reads and more portable.

Thinking of reading the comics yourself? Well you can compare prices with the following links:

Media Current Sold
Comic Books TWD Comic Lots TWD Sold Comics
Trade Paperbacks Walking Dead TPBs TWD Sold TPBs
Omnibus TWD Omnibus TWD Sold Omnibus
Compendium TWD Compendium TWD Sold Compendium

Still not enough TWD for you? ¬†Check out TWD Survivor’s Guide. ¬†Available as 1 book or 4 comics (that search is tailored for both). ¬†It has “everything you have ever wanted to know about the cast of The Walking Dead! The Survivor’s Guide is a handy checklist of all the characters who have appeared in the series thus far – alive or dead!” ¬†The book is usually available for under $10 while the 4 comics would be a bit more.

There’s quite a few differences between the TV show and the comic book. For instance, The comics do not have Merle and Daryl! My goal is to write posts as I go through each book and I’ll point out a few of the differences between the comics and the TV series. I don’t want to spoil either for those who’ve not watched or read but plan to. I’ll see what I can do.

What do you think?