X-men: Day of Future Past

I consider my comic book collecting years to be between 1990 and 1996. I’ve bought a few comics since then but during those 7 years, I amassed a collection of about 1500 books. My favorite and most heavily collected were the X-titles. Wolvering, X-men and Uncanny X-men were my 3 main titles.

Considering how many years it has been, I don’t entirely recall the Days of Future Past story. I vaguely remember it being used on X-men the Animated Series from the 90s but if I recall that varied from the comic as well.

So somehow I had actually avoided seeing any previews for the fifth X-men movie and went in not really knowing what to expect aside from knowing Bishop would be in it. I must say I was very surprised and excited when I saw Blink!

Now as I have said, I stopped collecting in 1996. What I knew of Blink came from two different storylines in the X-men series. The first was the Phalanx Covenant in 1994. This is where Blink first appears. From what I recall she was very undisciplined with her powers and not the most confident individual. She does get the courage to sacrifice herself to help her friends. A year later the Age of Apocalypse story ran in the various X-titles. This Age was a “what if” involving a world without Professor X. Many things were different and one of the big things that was different was Blink was alive in this world. Morph, a character believed to have been created just for the X-men animated series, was also alive in the AoA story. Blink and Morph were both fan favorite characters and I remembered the demand from fans to see them in the normal X-men universe.

So anyway, as far as I knew, that is as much Blink as the Marvel Universes had seen. So to see her in the movie I was like “Wow! The fans are going to love this!” As it turns out Blink has been back in the comics here and there over the last 20 years. For me, though, I was glad to see the character and not just see her but see her in action. I don’t think the character says anything but she does provide some entertaining action. Fan Bingbing was an amazing choice for the character and I felt she really brought her to life. I have heard rumors that Blink and Magneto have a conversation that was cut from the movie but will be on the Bluray’s deleted scenese. Here’s hoping.

As far as my take on the movie itself. Well it was a different Days of Future past than I remembered but I thought it was a pretty good movie. I definitely liked it more than X-men or X3 and would put it on par with X-men 2 and First Class.

The Biggest disappointment was the lack of a Stan Lee cameo. I really enjoy seeing him pop up all over the place.

SPOILER ALERT! I heard there were some complaints about Bishop’s role in this telling of Days of Future past. In the movie Bishop doesn’t travel back in time to kill Gambit. Wolverine actually does the time travelling with the help of Kitty Pride. So why have Bishop at all? That seemed to be a popular question. My thoughts are that Bishop is the one that teaches Kitty how to make others time travel. At the beginning it is the two of them working together but only going so far back in time. Wolverine’s healing factor was a necessity for traveling back in time 50 years. So Bishop had a purpose, just a small purpose. END SPOILER.

So I definitely recommend going to see X-men Days of Future Past. I’ve decided to pass on seeing Amazing Spider-man 2. I’ll rent it on DVD. I can’t wait to see another comic brought to life and next up is Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014.

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