Ambient Music From the World of Games and Film

OK you might have stumbled onto a website with the sounds of the rainforest or maybe just the sound of a rainstorm.  Ambient music isn’t for everyone but I find it can be relaxing to listen to while I’m doing other things.  Now there’s nerdy ambient music thanks to the people at!

How about Star Wars?  Maybe you want to feel the sounds surrounding the Jedi Temple.  Maybe the Spaceport of the Smuggler’s Moon.  No, you don’t like Star Wars?  Leave this page now!  Haha just kidding(mostly)!  So how about…

Doctor Who

Game of Thrones

Harry Potter – I like the Storm on the Hogwarts Express

Lord of the Rings /  The Hobbit

Various Superhero locales

I did say Star Wars earlier didn’t I?  Well, here’s a few from Star Wars:

Jedi Temple – Super Star Destroyer Bridge – Cloud City Spaceport – Nar Shaddaa Spaceport – Jabba’s Place At Night – Aneddu’s Temple Exploration
Space Battle – and some more:

“What about Vidya games?”  They got those too!

Ambient Video Game Music

Not just video games but even your pen and paper RPGs like AD&D.  As a dungeon master, I think it’d be really cool to have my players enter a tavern and then fire up “Inside the Tavern

If ambient music is too tame for you and you were hoping for something a little more… epic, try these:

The group that made those videos has some great taste.  Of the 3, the 2012 is my favorite.  Games and movies just had it going on at that time I guess.


What do you think?