What the Force?! Bulba Fett the Action Figure

The most interesting bootleg in the pokemon world

So apparently someone out there made 25 bootleg figures of “Bulba Fett” from “Poke Wars” from “The Power Thats Inside” toy line. These were not authorized by Star Wars or Pokemon license holders but I thought it was worth sharing. Bulba Fett includes a Bounty Hunting Pokeball accessory. The warning says not for children under 30 years.

bulbafett action figure Poke Wars

Apparently there’s Poke Wars fan fiction that has been circulating around the internet for years… Which of course makes me think of Dr. Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park…

I find the figure both cute and a little creepy looking.  There’s also someone trying to sell their figure on eBay for $500.  You can see more [bulba fett] listings there.  Curious to see if any have actually sold?  You can view completed listings matching “bulba fett” using this search: [ended listings for bulba fett].  If I was at a convention and someone had it for $5 I’d probably snag at as bootleg or not, it would be a great LOL addition to any collection.  $500 is a bit much but I wouldn’t be surprised if it sold at that price either.


Here’s some more Bulbasaur and Boba Fett amalgam art:

bulbasaur boba fett star wars

Bulbasaur x Boba Fett Amalgam

If anyone has seen any other Star Wars / Pokemon mashups do share!

What do you think?