eBay: It’s Own Worst Enemy. Can Sailor Moon Save Them?

So eBay in it’s infinite wisdom has decided that all items sold on their website need larger pictures. The minimum is 500 pixels for the shortest side. Ok, that’s not unreasonable as I’ve seen some really tiny pictures for items where you really can’t see the item very well.

Unfortunately for me, 189 of my listings have pictures that are too small and I’m expected to replace them. A little bit frustrating but hey, larger pictures are likely to help increase my sales so the work should be worth it. However, a number of these 189 listings shouldn’t have tiny pictures because the pics saved in my “listed on eBay” folder are much larger. So somehow eBay shrank my photos…as many as 189 of them.

just another picture of eBay and scithe
just another picture of eBay and scithe

So instead of being a little bit frustrated I’m halfway to infuriated.scithe's eBay rage I’d probably be angrier if I wasn’t used to eBay disappointing me.
scithe sailor moon gachapon
So I did decide to retake some photos of the Sailor Moon figures I’ve had listed on eBay. I acquired these at conventions as well as purchased through a couple of sellers living in Japan. They are pretty cool and are pretty rare. Bandai made these figures back in 1994 and they were originally sold through vending machines in Japan. These are just a few of the many things that make Japan such an awesome country. Here’s another:
and of course:

What do you think?