Final Fantasy VII Finally Gets Remade

Coming Soon to the XBOX and Coming Sooner to the PS4: Final Fantasy VII… That’s right, the game that so many have dearly loved for 20 years is getting updated and released.

I know you might be skeptical. I was too at first. I recall them showing a teaser trailer when the PS3 was first out and it turned out it was just demonstrating the graphics or some crap. This game is an actual cash grab from Square-Enix. I must admit that I’m tempted to buy a new console just so I can replay one of my favorite games (sorry FF6 is the greatest game of all time). There is the possibility that the game will have some differences from the original. Hopefully they fix the Cloud/Sephiroth Clone story line. I always found it flawed that Sephiroth was able to control Cloud’s mind like his other clones but then later we find out he wasn’t actually a clone.

Gamespot and Kotatku both have write ups on the game.

What do you think?