Minecraft Stickers Back in Stock and Now Available in Bundles!

So I don’t usually post specifically to hawk my wares. However, I’ve been able to offer two really great deals for some [minecraft sticker lots] and I thought I’d share them.

The first bundle has 17 stickers and is the most recent release. There’s Four packs: Steve and Pets, Cave Dwellers, The Nether and Animals.

Minecraft Stickers

The second set is a combination of the classic stickers including two bumper stickers. There are 10 stickers in this bundle:

Minecraft Stickers

The first bundle if sold individually goes for $23.80 and the second for $29.70. However, both lots are available for just $14.95 per bundle for a limited time. Now if you are skeptical like me your B.S. detector went off and you are wondering why I’d sell these so cheap if I can normally get 8 to 15 dollars more selling them individually. Well, it’s simple. I was able to get a special deal on these stickers by purchasing a large quantity. So I’m running a test to see how well the sets sell.

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What do you think?