Have you seen my Flickr?

I’m not cool enough to cosplay myself. But one of my favorite things to do at conventions is to take photos of cosplayers. Years ago when I began planning what would become NerdImports.com, I knew I wanted a photo gallery where I could share some of the pictures I’ve taken as well as those I’ve found from much better photographers.

There are a number of good photo gallery scripts out there that I can use but for every gallery script with really cool features, each has it’s own limitations and I’ve yet to find one that really does what I want. Which leaves me to reinvent a better wheel or to keep trying to find a better one.

In the meantime, I’ve got a flickr account and I’ve uploaded some pictures there. You can see the most recent additions’ thumbnails at the bottom of this page. You can also click here and check them out. I’ve got many to add but will do so over time.

What do you think?