Laura Vandervoort Sees a “Love Pillow” of Herself

You might have seen her on Smallville as Supergirl.  You might have seen her on Supergirl as Indigo/Brainiac. Maybe you saw her on Bitten as Elena.  How about as Lisa in V the series?  I’ve seen her in all of them and I love watching her on screen.

I don’t really go on Twitter much but sometimes in my webcrawling, I find myself there.  Tonight I was on Laura Vandervoort’s Twitter page and looking at some of her recent tweets when I spotted this:

I thought, “woah, no way!”  It appears to be a Chinese bootleg pillow case cover. “Dakimakura”  are sometimes called “hug pillows” or “love pillows” in the West.  For years I’ve seen partially naked anime characters and occasionally nude hentai characters on pillows. Maybe you remember James Franco’s love pillow from 30 Rock.James Franco and Kimiko Tan love pillow

So this is what the Laura Love pillow looks like:
laura vandervoort pillow

I really wish I knew Laura in real life and had seen her reaction when she saw that.  I can’t imagine what she was feeling at the time.  She seemed to take it well when she shared it but wow!  I mean on the one hand that would probably be creepy but then on the other it must feel amazing to reach that level of fame where someone would want to stick your image on a pillow whether you liked it or not.  I had to read the comments to see if she said anything else.  Nothing.  I did however find someone posted a picture of a purchased pillow…

Supergirl pillow

As I love puns, I had to share this comment:

There are even some for sale on Amazon.  Though some of the sellers looked shady to me.  The account names looked fake as did their locations.

That’s all for now.  You can follow Laura yourself on Twitter and Instagram.



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