Night of the Doctor and Day of the Doctor — 50 Years

To celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who, The BBC released two special episodes.

The first is called Night of the Doctor. The above is a 6-minute Dr. Who story telling the tale of the Eight Doctor played by Paul McGann. He tries to save a girl but when she finds out he’s a Timelord she chooses death over his help. He’s then encouraged to finally join the time war, becoming “The War Doctor.” There was some belief that John Hurt would be playing the next Doctor when Matt Smith leaves. That’s not the case. John Hurt plays the role of the War Doctor. You can watch the episode here:

The BBC released another special, Day of the Doctor. It is 76 minutes long and continues where Night of the Doctor leaves off. The end clarifies that John Hurt will not be playing the new doctor but simply the “war doctor” which is the Doctor that was involved in the great Time War. There is also a very short cameo of the next Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi. He is set to take over the role during this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special.

I enjoyed both episodes. It was great to see David Tennant as the Doctor again and Rose was one of my favorite companions so seeing her was great. Especially the mention of “Bad Wolf.”

What do you think?