Star Wars The Old Republic Part 5 My Bount Hunter Comes With A Big Surprise

I don’t know why I always play female characters. Years ago, I made a female in EverQuest because the gaming culture in those days was always friendlier to female characters. I remember being a low level character and two players offering me free swords and armor and even fighting over me. LOL! Mind you I did nothing to encourage it, except adding “teehee” to the end of a lot of the things I said and I’ve always been a fan of emoticons. 🙂 That was back in 2001 though and now they say there are real girls on the internet…not to mention so many more males play female characters now than before. Why do I still make all female characters? I don’t know. I don’t want to be a female in the real world. I don’t have a desire to wear women’s clothing. However, when it comes to character creation, I’m choosy in games like SWTOR looking for the right face, complexion, hair, etc. I’m not in love with any of my female characters nor do I consider them sex objects.

When my lady friends ask why I always play girls I tell them it’s part of the fantasy. “My woman does all of these amazing things without the help of a man. Can’t get much more fantasy than that can you?” I’m kidding of course. 🙂 Even so, I try to be out of slapping range when making those sorts of comments.

Creating my male character’s appearance was difficult for me. Changing the features and what not, I don’t know. Was he supposed to look like me? I ended up going with a Chiss male that reminds me a bit of Goliath from Gargoyles though that was not my intention upon creation. Here’s what he currently looks like:

Hong Qi Gong - Bounty Hunter
Hong Qi Gong – Bounty Hunter

Best line ever: “You work with me or I shoot you in the face.”

The light side choices for the bounty hunter are very unexpected. If he’s loyal to his employer, he gains dark side influence. If he double crosses them he earns light side. I wanted to play a light side character on the Sith Empire side so this is my chance. A jedi friend says, “Being disloyal to bad people is a good thing!” Justify it however you want, it is funny that betrayal is a light side concept. His first companion is Mako and she’s voiced by Lacy Chabert. She does a pretty good job as a voice actress.

New Crew Skills Tip:
When you reverse engineer a finished product, there’s a 20% chance you’ll learn some of the rare patterns. For instance, while disassembling green resolve hilt 2, I learned how to make the blue version.

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