Video Game Weapons Come to Life!

So Nika Harper (aka Nikasaur as she is known in the League of Legends community) is doing a web series for Geek and Sundry called “Arcade Arms”

In this first episode, we get to see Molag Bal’s Mace from [Elderer Scrolls Online]. They find a guy in New Brunswick, Canada to make a 3 foot long, 35 pound replica. Then they have a professional from USA Knights (these guys are not LARPing, they actually beat each other up with real weapons) who uses the mace to beat the snot out of some armor and some concrete blocks and then some flat-screen TVs. Then Nika, who can’t even hold the mace by herself, smashes a watermelon and as she feeds on the spoils of her kill she becomes a little drunk with power–but hey, who hasn’t?

There is also the making of the Hero’s Bow from the [Legend of Zelda] franchise. Now you might be thinking “meh, a bow that shoots arrows.” My friend, oh my friend, these are not just ordinary arrows. These arrows explode on impact!

Note the master archer has a [Batman] belt buckle.
There was also a making of video but nothing explodes in this one:

The Gae Bolg from [Final Fantasy] XIV. The replica polearm is 8 feet and 3 inches long. Watch what happens to a titan (played by aย statue of David) along with Garuda and Ifrit.

I actually wrote this article in 2014 and it looks like there were no more episodes released since then. It is a shame because they are pretty cool: quality replicas and stuff getting destroyed = win. On the plus side there is another web series out there called Man at Arms from AWE me. These guys recreated a number of cool weapons.

I’ll link just one but I am sure you can manage to find the rest. From [Lord of the Rings] it is Sauron’s Mace:

What do you think?