Bad Ass Face Masks in Stock!

When the pandemic first hit, sales rightfully slowed down in our store as people were not in a hurry to buy Harry Potter lanyards or Rugrats Reptar socks. Not while toilet paper was missing from store shelves and we didn’t know if anyone was going to be alive to deliver food to the grocery stores. To pay the bills, I thought I might have to give up selling awesome geeky and nerdy stuff if things got really bad. So I wondered what next. I have no interest in fear mongering or profiting on the misfortunes of others.

And then Kreepsville started offering face masks. These aren’t medical grade but they look really cool and I can breathe while wearing them. They have been a great seller and I am paying bills while hopefully helping people look good and staying safe. I started carrying Kreepsville products in my store last year and I’ve been pretty happy with the quality and the designs. The face coverings are durable and comfortable.

Sadly, it seems masks have become political in the U.S. and I don’t understand how or why. To my knowledge, any face covering is better than nothing and wearing one helps protect others from you more than it helps protect you. Even if it isn’t 100% protection, I’ll take anything to keep me and those around me healthy.

So far, the Ouija board print with “Go Away!” printed on the mask has been my best seller. It’s one of my favorites as well.

The Elvira masks are officially licensed and Elvira even shared a short video on her Instagram showing off those masks. Quick tangent: Elvira is awesome and worth a follow on Instagram. I loved her movies and recently learned of comic books starring her, expect articles related to those comics in the future.

face masks available for purchase at nerdimports

What do you think?