Nerd Bundle of the Week: Harry Potter Lanyards

Hey nerds!  This week I’ve put together a number of my licensed Harry Potter lanyards. Our offering of a Game of Thrones lanyard bundle and Star Trek lanyard bundles were pretty popular so I thought I’d try out Harry Potter as well.

harry potter lanyard bundle from nerdimports

The Hogwarts lanyard came out earlier this year.  I’ve actually been carrying different Harry Potter lanyards for the last couple of years and something that had bothered me was that there were no lanyards designed with the school’s four houses in mind.  FINALLY though, we now have a lanyard for Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.  And if you ladies out there really want to show off your HP uberfan status then combine the HP Lanyard bundle with our Harry Potter knee high socks bundle!  Shipping from our store is free if you live in the USA.


As you can see, the lanyards do have a breakaway design and even though I wrote a satirical sales pitch on the benefits of breakaway lanyards, there are some companies that require you to have that on there for safety.

Sadly, I only have so many of these available in stock.  So hopefully you’ll be able to get these while we have them available!

dumbledore and snape dance

What do you think?