Deadpool Movie Trailer Released 2 Minutes 40 Seconds of Awesomeness!

I know there’s been a number of fake trailers for Deadpool.  Finally, we get to see the real thing.

It looks like it should be an entertaining movie.  I noticed a new Colossus is in this movie too.  Looking at the roster for the new X-men movie, it looks like Colossus won’t be in there so there shouldn’t be any conflict.  Also, some time ago I saw some “leaked footage” for a Deadpool movie and there was some debate over whether it was real or not.  Looking at this trailer, that entire scene where Deadpool jumps into the SUV and takes out the guys inside was from that footage.  Interesting.

After Deadpool, Youtube queued up a Fantastic Four trailer:

I am less excited about the F4 trailer.  In part its because I found the first two movies on the boring side.  I was never a big fan of the team in the comics.  I do recall a cartoon series from the 90s that was entertaining.  I know this movie got a lot of noise from the interwebz when people found out the new Johnny Storm is being played by a black actor.  That doesn’t bother me.  Though I think having a black Mr. Fantastic would have been a much cooler idea.  Imagine what it would have done for racial stereotypes involving the length of certain appendages!  Still, having a diverse family is cool to see.  More important to me is the actual story.  I’ve experienced this origin story enough times and I’m doubtful that it can be made much more interesting.

Going back to Deadpool, I was really excited to see that it is coming out in February of 2016.  I was afraid this one would be coming out toward the end of 2016 or even early 2017.

Update:  I found a cool video here where Deadpool takes out Mario Lopez, A.K.A. A.C. Slater!

and here’s a video of the Deadpool panel at Comic-Con:


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What do you think?