Four Amusing Star Wars Music Videos

Princess Leia singing “Call Me Maybe” in her slave girl outfit.

Another Slave Leia plus Jedi, smugglers, Vader, Boba Fett and a Twi’lek doing “Sexy and I know it” or thater “Jedi and I know it.”

“Moves like Jabba” with a special cameo from Wilfred Brimley!

“Tonight I’m Frakking You” This is not exclusive to Star Wars. Enjoy the cameos.

Bonus! Into the X-men?

Magneto sings “Born This Way”

Double Bonus for the Mortal Kombat fans:

I think this might be an original song or I don’t recognize the music.

Also, I used a photo of the lovely Allegriana as Darth Talon for the featured image of this article.  I didn’t have a picture for Star Wars music videos so I thought a cute girl would have to suffice.  You should check our her page for more amazing cosplays!

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What do you think?