Game of Thrones Season 6 Red Band Trailer

This is 1 minute and 41 seconds of pure tease.  Who knows which episodes these clips are actually coming from which is even more torturous!


I’m psyched pretty high after seeing this trailer.  The Mountain is back as Cersei’s golem slave. Melisandre is getting naked and at 1:15 She is making out with someone who I don’t recognize–is that a woman? Bran is back and Frosty the Snowking is right behind him…will they actually get that close or will Bran be doing some sort of warg astral projection stuff.

I’ve also heard that Ian McShane has a character this season.  Though only for one episode.  Apparently, he let some spoilers leak out though how much he has really revealed is questionable.

***Spoiler Warning***

Ok so Ian is most likely playing some “Elder Brother” guy and they are a group of dudes who come across the Hound and nurse him back to health.  In the books they do that though apparently the Hound doesn’t just grab his sword and get back in the game in the books–at least not yet.  So it is possible that we’ll be seeing the Hound for an ep and either he’ll end up back in more episodes at some point or he’ll be in one more episode and then gone.  Not a huge spoiler.

Next, Ian mentions being excited to work with his friends who play Tywin Lannister and Stanis Baratheon.  Then he was disappointed to learn that both characters are dead.  So I guess Brienne does kill Stanis.  I don’t really follow GoT news throughout the year but I guess this had already been confirmed other places, so not a huge spoiler to me either.

*** End Spoilers***

Ian McShane also responds to spoiler complaints referring to Game of Thrones as “dragons and tits.”  Which I guess upsets people.  Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure show at Universal Studios, Orlando already refers to Daenerys as “Dragon Boobs” on their annual show and it doesn’t bother me.  Afterall this is the guy who was on a show that was “swears and tits” heh.  To be fair though I did really like Deadwood too. 🙂

Game of Thrones season 6 will be out April 24 which is of course way too far away but I’ll manage somehow.

What do you think?