Supergirl: My thoughts on the First Eight Episodes

I was able to preview the pilot back in May and I really enjoyed it.  Now that the first “half” of the season is over I went ahead and watched episodes 2-8.  Still really liking the show.  I’ve seen some complaints on the show.  They vary in scope from things like the design of Supergirl’s “S” logo to there being too much feminist propaganda.

Supergirls outfit looks fine to me.  Sure you can argue that the classic Supergirl outfit isn’t ideal for combat.  You can say the same about Superman and the majority of other heroes.  Superheroes covered in advertising would make more sense.  If you’ve got a day job that you don’t need just for the sake of killing 40 hours a week, why not earn from advertising and then volunteer those hours at a soup kitchen or building homes for the poor?  Instead you are taking up a job that someone out there could really use–and Coca-cola doesn’t want to slap their name on the shirts of the unemployed or even magazine interns.  Again, this can’t be a criticism from me against just Supergirl.  It should be a criticism against all superheroes.


As far as the complaints against feminism.  I didn’t really find anything overtly feminist. The show is about a young woman learning about the world and how to survive. Sure there are a few moments where Ally McBeal makes some statements about women in the working world but it is nothing we haven’t heard before and it certainly isn’t something that is preachy to the audience.

So as far as my overall opinion of the show goes, I like it.  The show isn’t the greatest show ever written but I have yet to see a Superhero show that is.  So far it hasn’t made me cringe the way some of the storytelling in Arrow has done.  I like the cast of Supergirl as well.

What do you think?