Killjoys – Bounty Hunters in Space TV Show is a Bust

First, let me say that I was psyched to hear there was going to be a new Sci-Fi series set in space about bounty hunters. Too bad they weren’t Mandalorians but I’ll gladly take it.

After watching the first episode of Killjoys, I thought that the show wasn’t bad. But that’s not really a seal of approval. I feared that perhaps the space genre needs a few more years before another TV show can be viable as an awesome sci-fi series.

It wasn’t really fair to count out Killjoys after one episode. Heck, I wasn’t that into Game of Thrones until the 5th or 6th episode of the first season and now it is one of my favorite shows to watch every year.

I did find the plot of this first episode a little weak. Basically, Smallville’s Jimmy Olsen commits his partner/boss, Dutch, to a bounty job–a special level 5 job which means the target must be killed and there’s only a short time given–if you don’t kill your target in time, a bounty becomes issued on you and you either get killed by another bounty hunter or you kill your target first. Jimmy Olsen’s plan was to rescue the target from a slave ship (the target being his brother) and he doesn’t let his Dutch know this. So I’m not sure what his plan was going to be to keep Dutch from getting killed. He didn’t want her to get killed. So I felt like that was a bit dumb. For us it doesn’t necessarily matter because we know Dutch will get involved and they are going to be fine by the end of the episode. But still, I find writing like that to be weak. I see things like that on WB shows and I hope for more from SyFy dramas.

I kept watching and the show did not get better. I don’t have a favorite character–they are all average. There was never a time when I got to the end of an episode and thought, “I MUST SEE THE NEXT NOW!” The plot was meh. I’m not sure I’ll be watching any future seasons. Maybe if I’m terribly bored in the future with nothing else to watch. It will definitely not be at the top of my list.

So I’m not going to recommend this show. I really wish I could have.

What do you think?