My Thoughts on Ant-man (2015)

I gotta say, when I saw the previews for Ant-man, I was not impressed. I’ve seen every Marvel comic book movie in the theater since X-men in 2000 (didn’t really care for it but loved the sequel). Except for Ang Lee’s Hulk. I missed that one though I did eventually see it and although I don’t really remember it, I didn’t hate it. Most of the movies I have liked and some were better than others. My best friend and I have seen almost all of these movies together. Both of us were considering skipping a theater screening of Ant-man and just waiting for the DVD.

However, hearing from a few other friends that the movie was great, we decided to give it a shot. The short answer is we both liked the movie. The not so short answer is that he liked it more than I did. I found the movie a bit boring for the first half. Overall I was entertained but I didn’t love the movie.

There were a few parts that I could nitpick. I know it might seem unfair to complain about fictional movies with plots like “guy can shrink because of a special suit.” But there were a few things that I had to just ignore. For instance, at one point it is stated that when you shrink a 200-pound man down really small that if he punches you hard enough it hits like a bullet. That seems to suggest that the suit shrinks but doesn’t reduce. Meaning he might be an inch tall but he’s still got 200-lbs in those compressed molecules. So then how can he ride on a flying ant? Would his footsteps still not make the sound of a fully grown male if not more considering the weight placed on such a small area. But again, it is a comic book movie. I can believe in a Hulk but I can’t handle the tiny heavy guy on an ant? Fair enough, I won’t fault the movie for that.

There’s another scene where the Ant-man is riding what appears to be a raft of ants on the water. I don’t know if the ones on the bottom are holding their breath or perhaps there was a tiny piece of cardboard or a leaf that I couldn’t see. Eventually though some ants form a chain from the ceiling and help them up. However, the Ant-man and raft of ants were sneaking into a building–so if the other ants were already in and able to help them up…why didn’t Ant-man and his ants enter the building the same way? Well that probably wouldn’t have been as fun to film.

So yeah neither of those things ruined the movie for me. I just thought I’d share those and maybe some of you that saw the movie were thinking the same thing. Paul Rudd did a great job as a superhero. I’ve been a fan of his since Clueless way back in 1995 (HBO used to show it like 10 times a week). I don’t know that he’s ever done an action movie before this but he pulled it off well I thought.

So if you haven’t seen the movie, should you go see it in the theater? I think you could wait for it to be released on DVD/Blu-ray or Netflix but that is your call. Here’s the original trailer if you haven’t seen it yet:

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What do you think?