New DC Movie Trailers from Comic-Con

Wonder Woman SDCC Movie Trailer

So Warner Bros shared a few sneak previews of their upcoming DC Comics movies.

First is Wonder Woman:

It looks cool, though I hope Wonder Woman gets to fight a supervillain and not just the German WWI military.  Is it just me or did they add some color to her suit?  Maybe it is darker in Batman vs Superman because it is the same 100-year old fabric?  Or perhaps it is brighter because this is before Wonder Woman says “I am disappoint” with humanity and goes away for a century and when she comes back she doesn’t want the same happy colors.  Or maybe Warner Bros just listened to our complaints.  I’m still psyched to see this movie and will be looking forward to the next trailer (maybe around Christmas?)

Next up is Justice League:

Flash seems likable which is good since I know I’m not the only one who wishes they could just take the TV actors and stick them on the big screen.  Aquaman should be interesting too.  I’m not that knowledgeable on Cyborg.  I know after Superman “died” he was one of the four trying to take his place.  I don’t expect we’ll see a new Green Lantern though they should.  The Hulk movies weren’t loved by fans and yet Hulk was the frequent scene stealer in the Avengers movies.  It’d be great to have another Green Lantern as part of the JLA but then again, I didn’t hate the 2011 Green Lantern movie.

There’s actually a Suicide Squad comic-con trailer plus THREE “character” trailers which came out a few days before.

The first character trailer is Deadshot:


The next Suicide Squad trailer is Harley Quinn

and the third is Joker…

I still hope this movie is going to be awesome but I don’t want to go in with too high of expectations.  There’s a big cast which means to show them all the plot will be affected unless we get a three hour movie.  So if the movie doesn’t suck then it’s going to leave me wanting more.  The LOTR movies have a large cast in each movie as well and manage to tell a great story.

This actually came out a few days before Comic Con but I’ll share it here in case you didn’t see it.

Edit: There’s ANOTHER SS clip of the car chase between the Joker and Harley Quinn and Batman…

and there is a 9-minute B-roll Footage thread with behind the scenes stuff.  This behind the scenes stuff can sometimes ruin the magic behind some of the cool things in movies but I thought I’d share it for those that don’t mind.

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What do you think?