Star Trek Actors Enjoy Heckling Each Other

These videos are a few years old but I’ve only recently been made aware of them. Since these videos don’t have a lot of views, you probably haven’t seen them either unless you were in the audience when these events went down. It turns out that the various Star Trek actors from The Next Generation enjoy teasing each other at conventions. Here’s a few of those moments captured by fans and uploaded onto Youtube.

Ok this first one isn’t really heckling since Patrick Stewart isn’t there but it will set the mood.  Brent Spiner imitates Patrick Stewart:

Brent Spiner pranks Levar Burton:

Brent Spiner crashes Patrick Stewarts Q&A panel:

Patrick Stewart heckles Brent Spiner at a Q&A:

Brent Spiner crashes Patrick Stewart…again!:

Jonathan Frakes heckles Michael Dorn and Brent Spiner:

TOS had fun too.  Though this isn’t Kirk heckling Spock, here is William Shatner discussing a prank he played on Leonard Nimoy:

From what I’ve read, a few of the TOS actors even to this day still have grudges against each other.  TNG on the other hand was different and as far as I know the main cast still keeps in contact with each other and they’ve maintained friendships and still get along well.  Michael Dorn stated that he actually feels closer to the TNG cast than he did the DS9 though he points out that the environments played a role in that too.  DS9 had a serious atmosphere while filming episodes and TNG often had a lot more levity.

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