6 Great Gift Ideas For the Harley Quinn Fan in Your Life

I am constantly asked, “what is a good gift for someone who loves [insert popular character movie or game here].”  Harley Quinn is at the top of that list. So I thought, hey, why not share a few suggestions online and see if you guys wouldn’t appreciate the suggestions. All are authentic, officially licensed products. Check the end of this article for a coupon code good for 10% off through the rest of the holiday season!

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Harley Quinn Backpack $46.99Harley Quinn Backpack From nerdimports

This Harley Quinn backpack measures approximately 18x12x5 and has one main compartment and a large front pocket.  It’s made of polyester.  Great for daily use or for special occasions like trips to conventions.  I love the design of Harley Quinn’s take on the classic Batman logo.  This gift is a great his or hers gift.

Harley Quinn Necklace & Earring Set $14.95

Harley Quinn Necklace and Earring Set from nerdimports
This set is really lovely.  Made of highly quality stainless steel, it should be noted that stainless steel can upset people with nickel allergies.  But if your intended doesn’t have that affliction then these are sure to make her smile.  The necklace is an 18 inch chain but also has a 3-inch extender which means the necklace can be adjusted from 18 to 21 inches or in between.  If your loved one isn’t the type to wear large flashy jewelry then she’ll love these.  The pendant is just .625 inches wide and the stud earrings are approximately 5/8″ wide. Get the Harley Quinn Jewelry Set here.

Harley Quinn Arkham Knight Zip Around Wallet $19.95

Harley Quinn Arkham Wallet from nerdimportsThe best Batman games have Harley Quinn in them.  Arkham Knight was no exception.  This zip around wallet features Harley Quinn as she appeared in the game.  A great gift for fans of the game.  The wallet measures about 7.5 inches by 4 inches and is less than 3/4 of an inch thick.  It has a full size currency compartment plus 12! yes, 12 slots for cards and also a zipper slot for change.  Made of faux leather which means Harley Quinn didn’t have to beat anyone to death with her bat for killing animals–though she probably killed a few guys anyway because she’s Harley.  Luckily, all wallets are free of any blood spatter.

Harley Quinn Trifold Cosmetic Travel Kit $19.95

Harley Quinn Cosmetic Travel Kit from nerdimports Harley Quinn Cosmetic Travel Kit from nerdimports
This Harley Quinn Travel Bag is a little over 7 inches by 10 inches when closed. However, the trifold bag opens to 20.5 inches in length. Includes a hook for hanging up in the hotel room.  I love Harley in her classic comic print.  Currently on sale too!

Harley Quinn Portable Tote Bag $21.95

Harley Quinn Packable Tote Bag from nerdimports
img_5424_large1Packable totes like this Harley Quinn tote bag are awesome!  You may have heard me rave about tote bags in the past, so I apologize in advance if I get really into this. This one is made of durable polyester which means you can put a book or a laptop in it and the bag won’t tear.  Reusable tote bags are a great way to love the environment while looking cool and unique at the same time.  Win-win I say.

Packable totes are even cooler as you can put one or more in your backpack or purse when you are out and if you suddenly need room to carry some newly found treasure, then you have a way to tote it home.  Now at first glance you might wonder, “Nick, it comes in that little pack and I am just going to lost that!”  Well friend, I have great news, that first picture isn’t a separate baggy.  It’s the bag’s side pocket.  So the bag just folds into itself when you’re done with it.  When the bag is open and out, there’s a second zipper so you won’t have to worry about stuff falling out.  I find this particularly handy when I go to the beach.  I don’t like to carry my wallet in my bathing suit but I’ll keep a few dollars in there in case I suddenly decide to grab a drink or some ice cream.

Whew!  I was afraid I was going to go even more about tote bags but that wasn’t so bad right?  Ok one more gift idea…

Harley Quinn and Joker “Mad Love” Lanyard Bundle $19.75

Harley Quinn and Joker Lanyard Bundle from nerdimports

This is a great his and hers, his and his, hers and hers pack or it can be for someone who likes to mix it up from day to day.  I’ve unofficially named this bundle the “Mad Love” bundle.  Both lanyards have the breakaway safety clasp on the back which a number of companies require if you want to wear this lanyard at work.  The front clasp is handy as well if you are keeping things like theme park tickets in it.  I don’t like to take off my lanyard unless I have to but when I’m at Universal Studios, I can unclip and they have no trouble scanning their ticket through the plastic and then I can just clip it back on and I’m good to go.

If you prefer Suicide Squad print over the comic book art, we have a Harley and Joker Suicide Squad lanyard bundle($21.95) as well.  Alternatively, if you just want to go with one lanyard, that is an option as well.  Harley Quinn Lanyards on Nerdimports.

On a slight tangent, am I the only one who finds that wearing a lanyard often gives people impression that you are either a VIP or a person of authority?  I have never deliberately tried to defraud anyone with my lanyard but there have been a few cases where people have assumed things based on my lanyard.  Good times!

Ok so those are my picks for Harley Quinn gifts.  We have a number of other awesome Harley Quinn gifts in our store as well that you may wish to check out if you didn’t love one of the five suggestions above.  Also be sure to use coupon code HQGIFT10 at checkout as that will save you 10% off all your Harley Quinn merchandise purchases from now until Dec 31, 2016!


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