8 Bad Ass Comic Book Makeup Tutorials

The first makeup tutorial video that I watched was for Harley Quinn.  These videos are all from Alexys “Lex” Fleming a.k.a. Madeyewlook on Youtube.  It turns out she’s done a few others as well and they all look really cool.  Guys, we’re not left out on this as Lex does have a number of male characters if you are shy about trying gender bending.

Here’s Wolverine:

and Iron Man:

Holy Chimichangas!  It’s Deadpool:

I sure hope you pooped today because if not, you’re probably going to need to change your underwear when you see this Venom makeup job!

The Harley Quinn was so good, I actually had an image of it in my Beautiful Harley Quinn Cosplays post.

“Like any other normal person, I wanted to make my hair green” What?  It’s cool it’s a Jared Leto Joker Makeup tutorial:

Poison Ivy is a short video but it doesn’t look as complex to attempt:

The Mystique makeup tutorial used an airbrush so this one might be harder to do if you don’t own one of those.


This final one is not a comic book character but I thought it was cool.  This is a tutorial for a zombie bite.

What do you think?