Disney Princesses In the Star Wars Universe

An artist named Ralph Sevelius has been getting some attention for his imagining of Disney Princesses in the Star Wars galaxy. I thought his work was pretty cool so I thought I’d share six of his photos.

Ariel the Little Mermaid Jedi

Above is Ariel the Little Mermaid as a Jedi.  Dual-wielding Jedi are the Jedi Sentinels, one of the main types of Jedi in addition to Jedi Consulars, Jedi Sages and Jedi Knights and Jedi Guardians.

Bounty Hunter Mulan

Mulan as a Boushh Bounty Hunter. Leia wore the disguise when infiltrating Coruscant as well as Jabba’s Palace on Tatooine.

Princess Aurora Frozen in Carbonite

Sleeping Beauty’s Princess Aurora frozen in Carbonite just like Han Solo only much pinker.  On his blog, Ralph mentions being concerned with how this came out, I think it looks pretty good.


Rapunzel as a Jedi

Rapunzel as a Jedi Padawan.  I think he got the design of the Padawan fairly well and the lightsaber at the end of her hair works.


Else as a Sith

I actually haven’t seen Frozen yet but I’m aware of who Else is.  She makes a great Sith I think.  I like the snow flake in the Force lightning. This was done in 2013, so perhaps Anna will follow in some form soon.  Perhaps with inspiration from The Force Awakens?

Snow White the Sith

Snow White as a Sith is my favorite.  Double-bladed lightsabers were used by Sith Assassin’s in the Old Republic and Snow White looks pretty bad ass.

Princess Jasmine as Slave

Finally we have Princess Jasmine from Aladdin in a slave costume.  Something tells me this might have been Al’s 4th wish.

So did you think they were cool?  You can see more of Ralphs work on his blog as well as his DeviantArt page.

What do you think?