Game of Thrones Marketing Post is Coming!

That’s right.  This is just a post for me to try and hawk some wares.  This week, I’ve got some [Game of Thrones lanyards].  Authentic, Officially licensed.  Stark lanyards, Lannister lanyards and Targaryen lanyards.  You can also grab the set of 3 and save a couple of bucks in the process.

I’ve recently been rewatching Game of Thrones over the last few weeks.  I had actually rewatched the first 4 seasons before season 5.  Even so, I’m noticing a lot of details I’d missed the first time…or perhaps it is just some things have more meaning to me now.  For instance, Bran having dreams of the three-eyed raven way back in season one.

It sucks that we had to wait so long for the final season of Game of Thrones.  At the time, I remember them referring to this as the second half of season 7 but I’m seeing ads and articles writing it up as season 8.  I guess it really doesn’t matter what season it is.  I’m eager to see it.  I REALLY hope there’s some good story and that the ending actually answers most of our questions.

Game of Thrones Lanyard Bundle Stark Lannister Targaryen

How have you lived this long without a Game of Thrones lanyard?

What do you think?