Look at the Pretty Flowers…Again

I’m rewatching the Walking Dead and I’ve just gotten to Season 4, episode 2. Titled “Infected.” This is the episode where Mika and Lizzie’s father is bitten and Carol agrees to take charge of the girls. I remember the girls and I remember their fate that is coming up 12 episodes from now.

TWD Children as Carol and Lizzy Cosplay
This image from Mother Hubbard Photography comes from a previous article I wrote in 2016.

But while rewatching, Infected, I’m treated to a nice surprise: Mika and Lizzie are saying goodbye to their father, Ryan, right before he changes. Lizzie tries but can’t bring herself to finish off her father before he turns so it is up to Carol to do it. The girls both turn their backs and you hear, “Look at the flowers” as the girls stair at flowers in the prison cell. “Look at the flowers” became a memorable line and meme after it is used by Carol to Lizzie right before she kills her in episode 14 of season 4. It is fun rewatching shows like this and stumbling onto these little things.

What do you think?