CRISIS! I Just Saw the Pilot for “The Flash”

I got to see the pilot tonight and now I have to wait 3 months for the show to start airing on a weekly basis. If you haven’t already seen the trailer you can watch it here:

I don’t normally encourage torrents but if you are familiar with what bit torrent is then you might be able to get an early preview of the new DC Comics show that will be coming to the WB Network on October 7, 2014.

So what did I think?  The pilot was great!  There were 2 occasions where Barry should have run and speedy punched/kicked the bad guy in the groin and didn’t and that made me a little sad.  However, if I were suddenly a superhero I would probably be a bit timid on my first outings as well.

I’ve got a few spoiler pics and I’ll show them to those that want to see, after an obligatory hawking of my Flash merch available on eBay:


You can click the images for the larger image size. I kept them small so the website wouldn’t look all wonky.

The Flash TV Pilot
Barry Allen gets struck by lightning and becomes the Flash.
The Flash Pilot
Barry vs. A Tornado.
The Flash Pilot 2014
This is a big teaser at the end. Didn’t the Flash die in the eighth issue of “Crisis on Infinite Earths?” It get’s better. “Wayne Tech and Queen Inc Merge Complete”

So I googled “April 25, 2024” and didn’t find anything. I also noticed a sign for “Ferris Air” and Carol Ferris is the name of the woman that hires Hal Jordan (the Green Lantern). I am told Gorilla Grodd is someone from the DC Universe as well. I’m not familiar with the name but we got to see his cage in the pilot too. There was also a truck with “Gambi Cleaners” on it. One of my buyers tells me that Gambi was a tailor in the comics that made clothes for many villains. Later on he makes clothes for the Justice League as well including, the Flash!

Don’t you just love Easter Eggs?


What do you think?